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How To Best Care For Your Jacky Dragon

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

BIOLOGY AND BEHAVIOUR The Jacky Lizard also known as the Jacky Dragon belongs to a large genus of Australian Dragon lizards. It is pale grey to dark brown in colour with black patches along the middle of the back and two paler stripes on either side of these two dark patches. The Jacky dragon can be found in dry sclerophyll forests, rocky ridges and coastal heath lands.

They are semiarboreal and can be seen basking on fallen or standing timber, or perched on shrubs and other low vegetation. These perches allow them to scan their surrounds for conspecifics, prey and predators. They may also provide a background that matches their colouration and body markings to ensure a degree of camouflage. They shelter in hollows or beneath low vegetation, rocks, timber and bark. Adults grow to approximately 30cm from snout to end of tail. Males generally have relatively larger heads than females. Jacky dragons have a life span of 4 – 7 years. HOUSING Jacky dragons are terrestrial, semi arboreal sun loving species. Adults should be kept in terrariums 90cm long decoration should include branches for climbing and suitable hiding places. Temperatures should be kept around 30 degrees at the hot end with the cool end around 26 degrees. A 5.0 reptile UV globe should be provided and on for about 8 hours per day as this helps with the absorption of calcium and the formation of bone structure. SUBSTRATE Bark, commercially cleaned sand, synthetic grass, newspaper or butchers paper are all good clean substrates. WATER Ensure water bowls are cleaned regularly and fresh water is available constantly. FEEDING Jacky dragons should be fed a variety of insects such as crickets, moths, cockroaches and meal worms (only for adults) which should be supplemented with calcium and vitamin powders occasionally. Food should be offered every 2 to 3 days. Fresh water should be provided daily. HANDLING Jacky dragons are generally very nervous but in time should adjust to be handled.

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