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How To Best Care For Your Thick-Tailed Gecko

BIOLOGY AND BEHAVIOUR Thick-tailed geckos are named for their highly distinctive plump tail. They are also referred to as barking geckos due to their sharp defensive call. Commonly located in the southern regions of Australia, Thick-tailed geckos are a reddish-brown colour with bands of yellow and white spots. They typically grow to 120-140cm in length. HOUSING

These are a ground dwelling nocturnal species. Adults can be housed in a 60cm long terrarium. Cage decoration should include suitable hiding places with a bark or sand substrate. To simulate the nocturnal activity of the gecko and allow you to watch them a red, blue or purple globe should be provided to heat the enclosure. The temperature should be around 28 degrees at the hot end and around 24 degrees at the cool end. FEEDING These geckos will eat a variety of insects such as crickets, moths, mealworms (only as adults) and other small insects. Food should be offered every 2 to 3 days. Fresh water should be provided every day. HANDLING Geckos are shy and fragile animals so handling should be kept to a minimum.

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